GFACF to Partner with Kiwanis on Fundraising Effort

Image of 1969 Popcorn Stand in the shape of a square popcorn box, painted with wide red and white stripes.

The Granite Falls Area Community Foundation is proud to partner with the Granite Falls Kiwanis as the organization initiates a new fundraising campaign to rebuild its Popcorn Stand building and upgrade equipment, all to continue its support of community youth activities.

The current Popcorn Stand building was constructed in 1969, fifty years after the Ernston brothers first started selling popcorn in Granite Falls and 34 years before the Granite Falls Kiwanis Club was gifted the Popcorn Stand from former owners David and Jill Kafka.

In the 20 years the Granite Falls Kiwanis has owned the Popcorn Stand, record breaking sales have been set year after year.  As a non-profit organization, the Granite Falls Kiwanis donates all net revenues from the Popcorn Stand back into the community to support community youth, youth organizations and youth related activities.

Due to the popularity of the Popcorn Stand and the ever-increasing sales volume, there is a need to replace the current 30-square-foot building with one that will provide room for two volunteers each evening and additional supply storage capacity. In addition, air conditioning will be installed to help mitigate working conditions for the volunteers who have sometimes faced interior temps as high as 116 degrees.

The new Popcorn Stand will retain its iconic popcorn box shape and red and white exterior design but will double in size to an 8-foot X 8-foot, 64-square-foot base.

The City of Granite Falls will be replacing the concrete under the Popcorn Stand starting in October 2023.  Construction of the new Popcorn stand building is slated to start in Spring 2024, with hopes of a Grand Opening on May 1, 2024.  To make it all possible, Kiwanis needs to raise $30,000 by Spring 2024.

The GFACF has agreed to help spread the word about this project and help with the ability for people to donate online to the Popcorn Stand Fund. 

Use the link below to donate today!

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