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Past Grant Recipients

2022 GRANTS AWARDED – TOTAL: $79,092.35

$32,562 for Project IMPACT, Granite Falls Area Community Foundation
$2,983 for Bench/Butter Melter, Granite Falls Kiwanis Club
$800 for Basic Food Shelf Needs, Neighbors United Resource Center
$800 for After Prom, YME
$1,000 for Winter Art Classes, Granite Falls Area Arts Council
$6,500 for Softball Improvements at Richter Field, YME Softball
$4,346.35 for a Pectoral Fly/Read Deltoid Machine, Kilowatt Community Center
$1,000 for Fall Musical, YME
$3,081 for Let’s Dig Into Decoding, YME Bert Raney Elementary School
$2,500 for a Clamshell Raku Kiln, YME Middle/High School
$1,500 for PE Class Sabakiball and Yukiball, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$1,600 for PSEO Internet Cafe Project, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$6,500 for Richter Field Baseball Improvements, YME Baseball
$820 for Musical Bells, YME Bert Raney Elementary
$2,700 for Medication/Narcotics Safes, Avera Granite Falls Ambulance
$800 for New Books, YME Middle/High Schools
$1,000 for Storage Units for Donations, WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program
$2,500 for Tanker Truck Additions, Granite Falls Fire Department
$900 for Positive Behavior Rewards, YME Bert Raney Elementary

2021 GRANTS AWARDED – TOTAL: $50,493

$550 for Bert’s Bikes – purchase of tricycles for Little Stingers preschool program, Bert Raney Elementary
$300 for additional Escape Room, Andrew J. Volstead Museum
$850 for Youth Robotics Expansion, Bert Raney Elementary
$1,000 for Direct Services Assistance for clients, WRAP (WoMen’s Rural Advocacy Program)
$1,000 for Artcycle Cart Materials, Granite Area Arts Council
$1,000 for MacPhail Online Lessons for YME Band Students, YME Music Program
$1,000 for Honoring Area Military with Mannequins for Military Uniforms display, Minnesota Machinery Museum
$1,000 for a New Computer for Robotics Team, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$1,000 for Fall Musical Production funds, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,000 for The Sting Store, Bert Raney Elementary
$600 for 6-12 Art Club supplies to create Art Displays throughout town, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$1,350 for Food Preservation Equipment and Supplies, YME Food Science and Horticulture
$2,000 for Senior Center Facelift to update and decorate the space and install storage for AV equipment, Senior Center
$1,250 for Middle/High School Staff Room Conversion, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$2,500 for Literary Post Writing Workshops for seniors, Living at Home/Block Nurse Program
$1,500 for Solutions Based Reporting, Pioneer PBS
$2,000 to create Walking Arts and History Maps, physical and virtual versions of Granite Falls, City of Granite Falls
$1,500 for Main Street Co-Working & Community Gathering Space, Yes! House
$4,000 for Horizontal Leg Curl Machine for Fitness Room, Kilowatt Community Center
$5,000 for items outside of the budget such as replacing failed equipment for safety purposes, Granite Fall Fire Department
$5,319 for Installing Heaters in the Indoor Arena at the Equine Center to continue programming in cold weather, Lee-Mar Ranch
$6,000 for Food Shelf Needs, Neighbors United Food Shelf
$6,500 for Vapotherm Therapy to treat respiratory patients, Granite Falls Ambulance

2020 GRANTS AWARDED – TOTAL: $41,207

$300 for Volstead House Storage Shelving & Past Perfect Updates, Granite Falls Historical Society
$500 for Open 2 Art Classes, Granite Area Arts Council
$1,000 for Learning at Home Resources, Pioneer PBS
$1,000 for Patio Picnic Tables, Project Turnabout
$1,000 for 3-D Printing/Manufacturing Community Classes, Minnesota West Community & Technical College
$1,200 for River Recreation Signage, Granite Falls Riverfront Revitalization
$1,500 for Mission Possible Backpack Program, Granite Falls Lutheran Church
$5,000 for Radios and Thermal Imagers, Granite Falls Fire Department
$6,000 for Communications updates, Granite Falls Ambulance
$2,500 for Seated Rowing Machine, Kilowatt Community Center
$7,500 for Outdoor Patio Space, Avera Granite Ridge Senior Living
$5,400 for YME Trap Team Clay Throwers, East Medicine Pheasants Forever
$2,000 for Website Redesign/Web Hosting Relocation Project, Living at Home/Block Nurse Program
$1,000 for Prairie Fire Theater Residency, Yellow Medicine East Community Education Prairie Fire Theater Residency
$1,262 for iPads for Video Conferencing Program, Yellow Medicine East Distance Learning Program
$500 for “Rockin’, Rhythm, & Reading” Program, Bert Raney Elementary
$300 for “Books for Kids”, Bert Raney Elementary
$750 for the BRE School Store, Bert Raney Elementary
$895 for an Alto Saxophone for the Instrumental Music Program, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$400 for a Computer for the Robotics Team, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools
$1,200 for the 6 – 12 Art Club, Yellow Medicine East Middle/High Schools

2019 GRANTS AWARDED – TOTAL: $42,465

$500 for iPad and Microphone, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$600 for Personal Planter Raised Garden Bed, Living at Home/Block Nurse Program
$600 for “Add Some Boom to our Room”, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$750 for Sting Pride Recognition Awards, Bert Raney Elementary
$830 for Computer Equipment Upgrade, Yellow Medicine East WRAP
$850 for Prairie Fire Children’s Theater, Yellow Medicine East Community Education
$1,000 for Art-Tech Collaborative Stations, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,000 for PBIS, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,000 for Prairie Smoke Environmental Area Restoration & Improvement, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,000 for Creativity & Conversation on Prentice Street, Granite Area Arts Council
$1,000 for Western Fest Royalty Tarp, Granite Falls Western Fest
$1,000 for Digital Keyboard, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,095 for Robotics Technology Update, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,200 for Healthy Soil, Healthy Food, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$1,500 for Automated Irrigation & Fertilization Upgrade, Yellow Medicine East Agricultural and Science Research Facility
$2000 for Therapeutic Riding, Lee Mar Ranch
$2,500 for 100th Anniversary of the Capper-Volstead Act, Mary Gillespie
$2,500 for Weight Room Updates, Yellow Medicine East Schools
$5,000 for Fire Department Equipment, Granite Falls Fire Department
$6,000 for Food Needs, Neighbors United Food Shelf
$6,950 for 3D Mammography, Granite Falls Health
$12,000 for Point of Care Ultrasound, Granite Falls Ambulance

2018 GRANTS AWARDED – TOTAL: $10,777.50

$912.50 for computer and printer purchase, Granite Falls Historical Society
$700 for the Living Well with Diabetes Education Program, Granite Falls Living at Home/Block Nurse Program
$750 for the Prairie Fire Children’s Theater, YME Community Education
$1000 for the fruit & vegetable needs, Neighbors United Resource Center Food Shelf
$500 for sewing machines for FACS classes at YME
$500 for art supplies for Art Club, YME Art Department
$500 for MacPhail music lessons for YME students, YME Friends of Music
$500 for Parent & Me art classes, Granite Area Arts Council
$815 for the school-wide Sting Pride Recognition program, Bert Raney Elementary
$1,000 for Shrek the Musical, YME Drama Club
$1,500 for the family playground project at Project Turnabout
$600 for the hamburger/protein needs, Neighbors United Resource Center Food Shelf
$1,000 for Let’s Go Luna!, Pioneer Public Television
$500 for the support group project, Women’s Rural Advocacy Programs, Inc.,